Penis Enlargement – Does It Really Work?

Admit it, you have always wondered if the ads you see on porn sites and on porn magazines that claim to have the answers to penis growth are true.

Seeing an ad like, “GROW YOUR PENIS IN 4 SIMPLE STEPS” or “I ADDED 4 INCHES IN MY PENIS IN JUST 6 MONTHS” will always play questions with your dirty brain… will it work for me?

A medical doctor from the US does not really believe in Penis Enlargement. He said that if there is ever truly in it, then every male in America would have a foot long.

Of course, one guy’s opinion will not stop a frustrated lover. Because of this, hundreds of penis enlargement information are posted all around the Internet and the explicit local media. Some are actually genuine, while some are unfortunately scams.

While we are going about in our daily lives, we are unconsciously receiving information about sexual satisfaction from everywhere.

There are so many penis enlargement methods available for you to try. Penis Extenders, Male Enhancement Pills, Penis Exercises, are just apart of the long list.

Critics say that most of them are hogwash. You may be losing your hard-earned money for nothing.

Beware of products that claim unbelievable results in just a matter of days. Sometimes to believe that anything that is too good to be true is wise. One cannot simply increase the size of his penis in 4 simple steps. You can try, but there is no guarantee that it will work. Of course, you will never really know unless you have first-hand experience.

However, there is one method that even critics concede to SURGERY. There are two types of penis enlargement surgery – lengthening and widening.

Surgical lengthening of the penis means cutting the ligament that holds back the penis shaft. This will result in the release of tension from the shaft and more of it will become visible. However, to prevent them from reattaching, you will have to attach weights or stretchers to your penis daily for six months.

The modern method of widening the penis uses implanted allograft, the tissue harvested from a cadaver that is used in reconstructive surgeries. If you don’t feel bad about having a guy’s second life spent as your penis stuffing, then you’re good to go.

The thing is, if all of the known penis enlargement methods would not work for you, you can always try to lose weight. Weight loss is a clinically proven method to enlarge your penis. Doctors all around the world approved this method because of its unparalleled safety.

There has been a study that says fat people are the ones that often complain about the size of their penis. It is because their babies are all covered in fat. Penis enlargement through weight loss might seem like a cheat but it can definitely help.

Always remember that the penis is a really sensitive organ. It gets easily aroused once touched. Therefore, be careful before meddling with your little man. One wrong move may prove to be a lifelong regret.