Finding the Best Penis Enlargement Method for You

In today’s generation, sex has become the ultimate hobby. Your sexual satisfaction will affect your overall self-assessment – be it with your significant other, or with someone you barely know.

If your partner is barely satisfied, it will scar your confidence for life. If she is, you will gain not only pride but also sexual enjoyment and satisfaction. You know that it is worth finding the best penis enlargement method that will work right for you. Luckily, there are a lot of methods and products available to grow your little man down there.

Here are the penis enlargement methods that work best for most people, hope you can find your niche on these four.

Penis Extender

Extenders like SizeGenetics use a system called traction. All you have to do is put your penis into the device and it will stretch your manhood gently. SizeGenetics is the leading brand of penis extenders. It causes the production of new cells by making micro-tears into the penile tissue.

The penis will not be long but skinny as it does when stretched. It will become thicker and larger instead. The downside is that you have to wear the device quite often. According to the system, you have to wear the device for 4 hours daily for 6 months to get the maximum effects.

Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills like VigRx and MaleExtra works by enlarging your penis erection but not necessarily your penis size. Men take enhancement pills basically to increase their libido and erection. Other effects like improved stamina, increased ejaculation volume, improved fertility, and improved overall health are also present in male enhancement pills especially in VigRx.

Penis Jelqing

Jelqing is a sort of penis exercise. This is done by wrapping the thumb and the index finger in a semi-erect penis and forcing the blood into the glans. The penis exercise must be done regularly to cause a permanent increase in erect size.


When all else fails, you can always fake the increase in your penis size. Cosmetics in penis enlargement means trimming or losing weight. It is definitely the safest of all the methods because it doesn’t include any stretching, any exercise, or any pills intake.

You just have to “look” big. First, trim your pubic hair for the penis to appear less covered, therefore making it relatively bigger, since a greater part will be exposed. Second, try to lose weight.

Ever noticed that fat people seem to have a smaller penis?

That is because their penis is overwhelmed by their overall size. If you are thinner, your penis will more likely be noticed.

It might not be much, and for all it seems, the one who really loves you won’t really care about the size, but having a bigger penis is satisfaction you would not get from anywhere else. It is a code only men will understand. Happiness exists in knowing that you can make someone else happy too. Good luck in finding the right method for you.